Safety app for women

Sister – Safety app for women for Android

For a few years now, the news about women who have been harassed coming home has increased. The numbers are worrying, and this is how * Sister *, the emergency app for anyone who feels in danger on the street, has emerged.

Safety app for women

Fortunately, not all women have been harassed when they return home after dinner or a party. Although it is true that more and more stories are heard that give goosebumps. A group of women, who would later lead this emergency app project, launched a study on female street safety. In it, it was observed that 83% of Spanish women feel fear when walking alone and at night.

Seeing the results, they set to work to develop Sister The application has a clear objective: to make the streets safer and to stop the increase in violent and uncomfortable situations for all women who may feel in danger.

What is Sister?

Mainly, it is a geolocation app for women made by women. In order to “end the insecurity that we often feel.” Sister appears on the scene as a very serious project in a social situation that is quite worrying. Thus, one of the data requested is the DNI, to be able to provide it in the event of a complaint to the police.

In addition, it requires the inclusion of emergency contacts, so that, if something happens, the app can notify these people directly.

How Does It Work?

Sister will ask for your location and the address where you want to go, just like Google Maps does, for example. In this way, it shows you the safest route, based on roads with more lighting or with nearby police stations, for example.

On the other hand, it has a deterrent alarm and an emergency button that sends text messages with your location in real-time to the contacts you have previously selected.

It also allows audio recording and photo-taking, which are stored in the application itself in encrypted form, so that the police can access them if necessary.

Stop insecurity

Thanks to initiatives like this, many women can feel safer at night on the street. Together we can curb the insecurity that 50% of the population feels for the simple fact of being less physically strong.

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