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Don’t think you can help? You’re mistaken.

FLFA is currently seeking investors, and contributors to make the DREAM Factory @259 Quincy St a reality.

get involved

The DREAM Factory @259 Quincy St will be an:

  • Innovative Co-working Enterprise Center (ICE)
  • Digital Fabrication Teaching and Learning Hub
  • ICE CentersTM are a deliberate, intentional and thoughtful approach to informal STEM education, research and economic development.

ICE Centers:

  • Are Community based
  • Have Physical Tools and shared work space
  • Have Instructional Learning Pathways Programs for pipeline development
  • Have small business development and support

Our DREAM Factory ICE CenterTM focuses on rapid prototyping –based education using digital fabrication tools in conjuction with MIT’s Community FABLab Program.

Our ICE Center and Digital Fabrication Teaching and Learning Hub has three main components:

  1. Digital Fabrication Tools for hands-on experience
  2. Instructional Learning Pathways for Art and STEM education, Next Generation Manufacturing and Computing
  3. Small business development and support systems

The DREAM Factory @ 259 Quincy St. Will Be:

  • The central node for FABLabs New England !– a New England network of Community and k-12 Education FABLabs
  • A portal to the global market for small businesses in the Grove Hall/Uphams Corner district through the International FabLab Association, United States FabLab Association, FABLabs New England, the FABFoundation and the National Society of Black Engineers
  • The anchor for the National Endowment for the Arts/Boston Foundation ART Place Initiative
  • A community gathering space for sharing ideas and showcasing projects
  •  Pair with the B-P Food Business Center as center for community economic development
  • A laboratory to research and implement best practices in community FABLab development and administration in New England

You can make a difference. Make the decision to get involved and help create a better tomorrow for those around you.  If you would like to know how you can become a part of the FLFA DREAM Factory Contact Us or call Donalyn Stephenson at 781-812-3594.