MOOCS, The New Learning Revolution

Gutenberg’s printing press was one of the first advances that allowed “freeing” knowledge and removing it from the limited circuits in which it moved. Until the fifteenth century, all knowledge moved in a circle that went from books to clergy, from the few who knew how to read and write, and again from clergy to books. The production system of a book was long and expensive. But, thanks to Gutenberg, a new era began in which the ease of reproducing books (compared to the system that had been used up until then) made knowledge closer to other sectors of the population, and made it accessible.


It is precisely this term, accessibility, that best characterizes the new revolution that the knowledge-society binomial experiences. Internet, as if it were a new giant printing press, has brought a knowledge that, on many occasions, was limited to the four walls of the faculty or the company.

Now, to learn videogame design, Analytics, gamification, medieval history, or English for marketing, among other courses, it is no longer necessary to sign up for University or a school. With a computer and Internet connection, you have more than enough to apprehend, whatever your level on the subject, those notions and concepts that interest you most.

However, and although this system facilitates autonomous learning, communication with other students and teachers is recommended, and highly valued. Social networks, forums and email will become your best allies to consult questions, share experiences and impressions, or expand content.

We say we value, because in the MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course, for its acronym in English), as in any other training, there are also exams and work to do. At the end of each course, if all the requirements have been met, the user can request a certificate.

Custom Training

In this scenario, Universitas Telefónica, through Miríada X, has just launched 6 courses, which are added to the existing offer. The acquisition of digital skills and new tools for personal or professional development are some of the contents that we will find in Miríada X.

Write down the dates! Very soon you could be learning about machine learning or project management.

Leadership for your change management: this course, whose registration is open until April 17, shares the change management model that Telefónica is following in its transformation process. The cloister is formed by experts in change management at Telefónica, and by Nando Parrado, survivor of the Andes air crash in 1972, and an example of leadership at decisive moments.

It triumphs with SEP: The model to improve health, business, and life (3rd edition). “This MOOC represents a theoretical-practical journey through the main elements that condition our physical and mental well-being, at the end of which you will begin a much healthier and more productive stage of your life,” according to Miríada X. The registration period is open until April 17.

Introduction to machine learning: withdraw money from the cashier thanks to machine learning. Order a taxi thanks to machine learning. But what exactly is machine learning? In this course, you will learn how this system works, and what information is extracted from our data. Registration open until March 13.

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Introduction to programming: Discover the language of the digital age (3rd edition): We already told you; Programming, very soon, will become the new sine qua non-condition of many job offers. In this course, in which you can sign up until March 13, you can enter this world and take your first steps.

Project management with agile methodologies and Lean approaches: thanks to this course you will learn new ways to manage projects and adapt quickly to new work environments. The registration period is open until March 28.

Connecting the future with Fiber Optics (3rd edition): in this course “we will see what fibre optic is and how it works, how the deployment takes place in the city, how we get to the buildings and their typology, or the installation in customer address, among others. ”You can sign up until April 18.

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