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Pay Your Health Bill Online At Peryourhealth

PerYourHealth – Do you have enough time to stand in the queue to pay the medical bill. If not, then you should not worry about paying hospital and health-related bills. These days, many websites provide online facilities to pay the bill. In which peryourhealth is a popular website. Peryourhealth provides easy facilities for paying medical bills. It helps Customer for paying the medical bill using the credit card, debit card. After successful bill payment, it provides an invoice for further usage to the customer. But before using per your health medical billing portal. You should have Peryourhealth account.

per your health

Making bill payments online at Peryourhealth

The users can make bill payments online by visiting the website But before you begin the bill payment process, make sure that you have the following documents or details available with you:

  • A device connected to the active internet connection.
  • Billing statement issued by the hospital or health care providers.
  • A payment method through credit card or debit card of Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express or online banking or checking.
  • A PDF reader or viewer installed on your device.

The billing statement issued by the hospital or the health care provider is required to begin the bill payment process. Without it, you cannot begin the payment process. The account number available on the billing statement issued by the hospital or the health care provider should be provided at the beginning of the billing process at The PDF viewer or reader will help you to download the transaction details in a PDF format and view them.

If you have the above-mentioned details, you can begin the bill payment process at On the home page of the Per Your Health website, you will be asked to provide the ID which is the account number available on the billing statement issued by the hospital or your health care provider. After providing the ID, click on the continue button to go to the further steps. In the next step, you can view the patient details which are required to be confirmed to avoid any wrong payments. Go through the patient details and the billing amount. If everything is fine and there is no error in the data, click on the “Make payment” option and provide your payment details. In case you choose to pay through credit card or debit card, you need to provide its related details like card number, CVV or security code, expiration date etc. If you choose to pay through online banking or checking, you need to provide the concerned details like bank account number, bank routing number etc. After providing the appropriate payment details, submit your payment.

Once your payment is successful, you will receive the transaction details either through an email or through a text message on your phone. You can save the transaction details for any future requirements.

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