What We’re Doing

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FABLabs For America has been active in the urban communities and providing exposure to the endless possibilities of youths. Some of the things we have done consist of:

  • FABLabs for America Inc. (FLFA), in partnership with the Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation (DBEDC) and Urban Idea Lab (UIL), is currently developing the DREAM Factory @ 259 Q, an Innovative Co-working EnterpriseTM (ICE) Center and Digital Fabrication Teaching and Learning Hub on Quincy Street in Dorchester. The DREAM Factory will be FLFA’s flagship FABLab facility in Boston and will host FLFA’s Boston FabLab network, serving as a ‘leader lab’ and resource for other labs throughout beyond.
  • FLFA is currently a local co-host planner with MIT for the International FabLab Association FABx, a yearly symposium and conference gathering of FABLabs world wide. It will be held in Boston during the summer of 2015
  • FLFA, in collaboration with our partners, developing and providing consulting and support products to other organizations as they design, build, and operate their own FABLabs. FLFA’s goal is to build capacity for FABLabs and is currently working with partners to take these products to scale.
  • FLFA is working with NSBE’s TORCH program to provide in-school time pre-engineering training to BPS students.